12-hour KDrama Tour in Seoul!

What’s the best way to spend a layover in Seoul, South Korea with less than 5,000 PHP? Visit some of your favorite KDrama shooting locations!

Inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Anagon.com, I recently planned a trip that had a layover in Seoul. And having gotten into the Korean drama craze last year (hey, it’s so much lighter than watching House of Cards or The Walking Dead), I wanted to visit some of the shooting locations of Goblin, Legend of the Blue Sea, Descendants of the Sun, and my favorite, Doctors.

While I had only a 12-hour layover, I was able to visit about 4 locations, but the itinerary below outlines more locations if you have the time!

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive Seoul guide, feel free to check my other entry here.


Quick Country Destination Guide


Korean dramas have long been some of South Korea’s biggest exports — translated into more than 10 languages, these shows expose the world to Korean culture, norms and values, without it having to be history lesson.

Why Visit:

Join other fans in reenacting scenes from your favorite Kdramas!

Tourist-friendly / Easy to get around: the AREX Trains from Incheon Airport take only about 40 minutes to get to Seoul

Watch Outs:

Plan your trip well, especially if you’re only dropping by for a few hours

Asiana Airlines usually have stopovers in Incheon Airport, with an option to stay book your connecting flight the following day

Important note: You still need a VISA if you’re exiting Incheon Airport

Total Cost of 12-hour Trip: PHP 5,000 / USD 98 (excluding accommodations + tickets)


4 Instagrammable KDrama Places in Seoul


A popular fixture in a lot of Korean dramas, dal.komm Coffee was the setting for a lot of the main characters’ dates in Goblin & Descendants of the Sun. This cafe pictured above even features a lot posters and merchandise from these series.


I initially went to the original Mango Six where Cha Eun-sang (played by Park Shin-hye) worked as a waitress in the oldie but goodie, The Heirs. Unfortunately, that branch has been closed so I settled for another that’s near Gangnam.


What takes the cake in terms of most ‘grammable places is Sooni Hawaii (or Bonjour Hawaii on Facebook). It’s as colorful as it depicted in the medical drama, Doctors. While the food isn’t as good as desired, service and cost are reasonable — and it helps that the staff is so helpful to Kdrama fans.


Here’s a location you have to visit if you’re a fan of Legend of the Blue Sea — main characters took to this area to have a quick picnic. Watch out though: this place isn’t as beautiful during the night!

map Download the Seoul Kdrama Quick Tour Itinerary! Click on the file link below.



Cover photo taken from http://dettejournal.wixsite.com/travel/single-post/2016/09/23/Sooni-Hawaii-Restaurant

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