#SeoulSearching or #Seoulo? Here’s the PHP 20,000 guide for you!

There’s so much one can do in Seoul, South Korea. In fact, the difficult part is deciding which places to go to. Check out this collapsible 6-day guide for that perfect #Koreyay trip.

Seoul offers so many tour options for you — there’s the typical palace run, the shopping trail, or the agenda if you’re a passionate foodie. The capital’s dynamic cityscape offers all these, enveloped by the conveniences of a first world country, meshed with the country’s rich architectural history. 3 – 4 days in, and you still probably haven’t covered all that this capital has to offer!



Quick Country Destination / Guide


As the capital and largest metropolis in South Korea, Seoul is the world’s 16th largest city, with its history stretching as far back as two thousand years ago. Luckily for us, they’ve preserved many heritage landmarks, letting us become viewers to its rich history. Tourist friendly at every turn, Seoul offers a very convenient transit system, and public WIFI at almost every major tourist spot. It doesn’t matter whether you’re #SeoulSearching with someone, or going #Seoulo, this country is a must visit!

Why Visit:

Affordable / Cheap Country to Visit

Tourist-friendly / Easy to get around

Many Attractions to Choose from (All Instagrammable!)

Watch Outs:

Plan your trip well, especially if you’re only visiting for a few days

AirAsia tickets from Manila can go as low as PHP 3,500, so make sure your tickets are cheap / not expensive!

Total Cost of Six-Day Trip: PHP 20,000 / USD 400 (excluding accommodations)



5 Instagrammable Places in Seoul


There are honestly too many places in Seoul worth being on your feed, but here are just some of them.

Gyeongbokgung Palace (honestly all palaces are ‘grammable, but this is the most popular one): Check out these two tourists getting their social media game on; for more IG-worthy content — you can even dress up as a Korean for a day!
Le Petit France: Here’s a place that’s quite a trip from Seoul, but definitely worth it. If you’re a fan of The Little Prince, or if you’re dreaming of visiting France, check out this village.
Nami Island: No other place in this country is more ‘grammable than this half-moon shaped island. Visit any season (especially wonderful in Fall & Winter!), and bike around the island.
DMZ Tours: Here’s something that’s not as seen online as Seoul or South Korea — views of North Korea. Take a DMZ Tour to learn more about what divided Korea, and where all this current conflict started.
Yeouido Hangang Park: Not as grand as other parks in Korea, Hangang offers perfect picnic spots, but opportunities for perfect solo shots — especially in the Fall Season!

Bonus: Hangang Park was also a setting for one of the scenes in the popular Korean Drama, “Legend of the Blue Sea”. See screen below.




Download the Seoul / South Korea PHP 20,000 / USD 400 6-Day Itinerary! Click on the file link below. Activities are organized per day, feel free to move them around!

Korea 2016

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 11.15.29 PM.png

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