Should I bring USD when traveling abroad?

When travelling internationally, I’m always left confused whether I should change my Philippine Pesos to US Dollars, and then get my money changed in my destination, or directly convert my Pesos to the local currency. If you’re like me, each Peso was actually hard-earned, so I do mind if I lose a couple of hundreds…

12-hour KDrama Tour in Seoul!

What’s the best way to spend a layover in Seoul, South Korea with less than 5,000 PHP? Visit some of your favorite KDrama shooting locations!

How will I ever top this one? Notes from a 2-Week trip in New York

Social media often times makes things more beautiful than what they really seem — we throw around ‘5 stars’, ‘too awesome’, ‘this gave me life’ very casually, to the point that everything can be epic. But here’s the thing: my recent workacation trip to New York for about 2-weeks worked out quite the opposite —…

A Weekend in CamSur

Throwback: Here’s a good weekend option if you want to escape the city. Just a quick flight away from Manila is CamSur — offering a slew of watersports activities.